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Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors Using The Simple Method – 2024

Do you hate how lifeless and filthy your polished concrete floors look? It’s simple – burn them, using a high-speed burnisher, before cleaning! During this procedure, dirt on the floor is used as an abrasive to bring back the luster and make cleaning of the flooring easier. Also you will have to then use a dry mop to lift off the dirt, followed by wet mopping which removes any remaining debris, bacteria or mold. So let’s clean your floors quickly with this easy method.

How to Clean Concrete Floors

How to Clean Concrete Floors

]Cleaning polished concrete floors may be difficult but not undoable if one follows the right steps. Here are some few simple steps that will help you clean your concrete floor: 1. Prepare the floor by washing it with a cleaner made for concrete floors. 2. Use a sealer on it to protect it from water and stain. 3. Employ either a mop or bucket in washing the floor making sure that it is thoroughly rinsed off. 4. Ensure that the entire floor gets dried prior to application of any kind of flooring product.

Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors- What You Need To Do

Cleaning Polished

Cleaning polished concrete floors may seem an uphill task, but with proper tools and methods it is possible.From here we will go through several key steps that must be taken up in order to clean thoroughly and easily polished concrete floors:I.Start by mopping your floor clean using water and mild detergent.II.Dry your flooring using dry cloth or mop.III.Put sealant/wax onto the ground. IV Let sealant/wax dry before walking on them.V.Repeat steps II-IV as needed. VI Sweep/vacuum when necessary.VII.Lastly ensure furniture around this area including hardwood compatible cleanser has been cleaned.

Using A Burnisher On Polished Concrete Floors

But there is an easier way to handle cleaning polished concrete floors – a burnisher! Dust the floor with a polishing compound and then use the burnisher to clean the surface. Remember to wipe down the edges of the floor as well so that dust does not collect. This way, it will be quick and easy to have your polished concrete floors cleaned and they will look like new too.

How To Clean With A Dry Mop And Wet Mop

It is usually hard to clean polished concrete floors, but an easy cleaning method can do it for you.To clean with a dry mop start by wetting it in bucket with cleaning solution.Swirl around until thoroughly soaked.Then mop from one end of room all way across making sure corners are covered.Lastly wring out mop and rinse in bucket.To use wet mop begin by putting cleaning solution into bucket.Wet mop until fully saturated.Swirl around until thoroughly soaked.mop from one end of room all way across making sure corners are covered.Finally wring out mop and rinse in bucket.

Prepping The Floor

Cleaning polished concrete floors may not sound so simple but it can be. This way you will have a clean floor in the shortest time possible! Ensure that the floor is completely clean and dry first. Use a mop with only water or a bucket filled with floor cleaner to apply next. Wetting the entire floor before cleaning is necessary, though mopping remains the most effective way of cleaning floors. Avoid using too hot or too cold water as this will damage your flooring. For purposes of ensuring dryness, use a clean towel to wipe out after cleaning the floors. Lastly, put on a durable sealer to keep out water and dirt.

Crying while Driving

Polished concrete floors are actually difficult to clean at times. However, you can still make it easier by simply crying while driving: Use a polisher machine for this type of cleaning technique which is very simple Here’s how you do it: 1.Choose a day when there is no activity on your floor. 2.Get rid of all dirt present on the machine by washing it with soap and water 3.Place the polishing pad on the ground and start working around 4.Continue singing burnisher as you continue doing your work until such time when your floor become completely cleaned up 5.Stop singing when your floor gets cleaned up then wash your machine using soap and water 6.Let your moistened pads hold them for drying over night 7.This is enough! Your polished flooring has become fresh again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods are best used in maintaining polished concrete floors?

There are several methods to choose from when it comes to keeping these types of surfaces clean including; using a combination of mop and bucket, using detergent mixed with water or just plain old H2O depending upon what kind of job you’re looking at doing Make sure that product instruction are read before any application otherwise harm may come unto its surface.

How often should I clean my polished concrete floors?

Regular cleaning is required to keep your polished concrete floors looking good. For polished concrete floors, here are some general cleaning intervals: • Low traffic areas – every two weeks • Medium traffic areas – every four weeks • High traffic areas – every six weeks

What are some of the potential risks associated with Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors?

There are a number of risk factors that may come with cleaning a polished floor. These include wearing away the finish on it, water migration and staining. Always use the right solutions and equipment for your floor’s material to prevent such damages as likely as possible. Before returning any furniture or items back onto the floor, ensure that it is completely dry. If you do not use a detergent free solution migration of water can occur after cleaning. Test an unnoticeable area before using the product in order to make sure that there is no possibility of flooding; staining could be if the flooring was not properly cleaned or if you’re using inappropriate stain remover. Use bleach-containing cleaners to remove stubborn stains from your floors or consider purchasing stain resistant flooring materials.

Is there a specific kind of cleaner that is used for cleaning my polished concrete floors?

There are no ready-made answers as to which cleaner would work best for a polished concrete floor; the cleaner composition relies on its acidic level, floor type and the amount of dirtiness needed to be eliminated. However, using a floor cleaner with high acidity (such as vinegar or citric acid) can help in removing dirt and dust accumulation in floors that are more prone to them; a floor cleaner with specially designed cleaner agent for concrete flooring (such etching agents or clorox bleach); and a combination of water and cleaner agent within the same cleaning product aimed at washing and deodorizing such floors.


Want an easy way to get your polished concrete floors cleaned? Click here to see our blog about how we clean polished concrete floors with this simple method. Have no fear, we have listed steps from using a dry mop and wet mop to burnishing it. So don’t worry! Just bring back your sparkling flooring and be able to display your own clean up methods that are really helpful especially when you want to entertain guests.

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